Welcome! My Name is Crystal and I have been providing psychic guidance for 17 years, since 1990. I recognized at a very early age, as many visionaries with natural psychic abilities often do, that I possessed this gift. I often thought I was different because I knew some things were going to happen before they ever occurred.

In High School I began harboring my gifts out of fear of being thought of as just weird! Upon meeting my mentor, I never truly realized the wonderful gift I possessed until after I graduated. The summer after my graduation I then began developing my skills . Through mentoring, meditation, reading, study and taking courses in parapsychology and metaphysical science I have now fine tuned my natural skills and I have help hundreds of people all over the world.

Although, I do not claim to be perfect, no one is. I do promise to help each and every one of my clients to the best of my ability. If I can't answer a question or see a clear answer to your problem, I will be honest and tell you.

I consider my gifts a blessing and will not misuse or abuse my abilities to hurt, harm, undermine or interfere with others, so please do not ask. I do the absolute best I can to help my clients and often go beyond the call of duty. But also keep in mind as much as I love my job and helping others, this is my profession. This is how I contribute to my household. It is my promise to you not to drag out, hesitate, or keep you on the phone longer than needed. In turn, I ask that you understand this is my job and career and I would ask you not take advantage of me either. You do not and would not work for free, so please do not ask me to. I do charity work and pro bono readings at my discretion. These are usually done in my area and community for law enforcement and those in need in my community and performed without compensation.

Please be sure and read the Questions and Answers section to better help you understand about psychic readings and what you should expect and what is expected of you!

Thank You and God Bless!

I dedicate this flower to memory of my Father, Blessed with Life from 1948-2002. He was and still is my inspiration. May God hold him in his hands until the day we are re-united.